The Untold Story


The Untold Story

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The Australian business that specialises in capturing history. 


Have you ever thought of writing down your story, or your loved one’s story? Have you wanted to create a keepsake to help you remember your loved one, something that can be treasured for generations to come?

The Untold Story is led by Shannon Kendrick, an experienced practitioner with a career of helping create life records for foster children. Shannon now leads a passionate team and delivers the service to the wider community, helping everyone have access to their life story. 


The world is changing, so much about our way of life and our future seems unknown. Make sure you don’t lose your history. Take the opportunity to be supported by a compassionate team who will research, record, capture and create a bespoke life story book.

Give yourself, and your family, the gift of history. Call The Untold Story today. 

All The Untold Story Episodes will be featured on the ShirePOD channel to share with family and friends if you wish or they can be kept private (we'll send you a mp3).  


Episode 1 - Graham is a regular feature at Sharkies Beach and a cultural historian of the area.   At Graham shares the story of his family, friends and work life that keep him near this special stretch of beach between Sydney and Wollongong.   Shannon and Graham work through the pages of The Untold Story book to capture the memories and moments that Graham treasures and we have captured them forever, for future generations and as a chapter in a history that may never have been shared. 

Episode 2 - Chris

Episode 1 - Graham