Tell me more about that is a very common phrased used by psychologists and investigators when someone peaks their interest with a passing comment.   It is an act of curiosity. Wanting to know more and understand the undercurrents of their why.

This is the signature show that speaks to Shire Locals about their passion and purpose and why they do what they do. Many have painful stories that fueled their desire to fill the gap in the market, others have been touched by tragedy and want to prevent others from suffering.  Many of them want to protect our environment, empower our children and honor our ancestors.  

Scott's mission in life is to help people flourish. He believes the best way to be happy and fulfilled is to grow. The fastest way to grow is to be pushed and held accountable to your dreams.

The smartest way to get outside their comfort zone is to do so with help from a caring, passionate mentor who has been there and done it all before.

Each episode uncovers tips and tricks to becoming your best and optimising your life and mindset.