Beyond the Cloud

If given a deadly diagnosis, how would you cope?

Beyond the Clouds shares the stories of those who have been given the devastating news and how we aim to support terminally and chronically ill and their loved ones.  

Host, Katie, has a desire to immortalise the voice of those who don't have much time left to share it is achieved through the Beyond the Clouds podcast series. She is speaking with terminally and chronically ill people about their life, what they've learned, their experience since receiving their diagnosis and asking the tough questions that we can all learn from. Do you have any regrets and what would you have focused more on? Fun, love, family, career? It invites everyone to reflect on what really matters.

Katie now offers professional life story recordings, you don't have to be dying to start thinking about what you want for your loved ones after you're gone. Speaking from personal experience as a grieving loved one, she personally would give anything to hear her mums voice again and get to know all the parts of her she didn't have the chance too and her four younger sisters crave the same. If only someone had thought to ask about her childhood.

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