Meet Emma, a fitness instructor and entertainer in the aged care and disability sectors.  A specialist committed and passion about changing the perception and perspective of the industry. 

“They are human, with feelings. They get forgotten about,’ says Emma.  “I see them as individuals, their life now is about who they are, not what they did. I love their stories, hearing the emotion of those memories evoked from the music I play and the lessons of life they reflect on during our little chats.”

In this series she will be interviewing a range of colour characters and experts who shine a light on what is being done and what needs to be address to value the lives of our ageing population.

Host: Emma Watts / The Daisie Chain

Producer: Pip Rae / ShirePOD

Episode 4 : No Excuses for this Ballerina.

Episode 4 - Seniors Week and a World Record in the Making.


Episode 3: Mel Harrison - Sitting Low, Reaching High


Episode 2: Lyn Smith - words from a woman bowled over by love and life


Episode 1: Move What You Can


Introduction to Emma Watts from the Daisie Chain