International Mens Day Podcast : The Gap


This is a series dedicated to supporting and helping men who struggle with their mental health and recovering from mental illness. 

Interviews with those people who openly share their story.

Conversations with the people in organisations that are providing practical advice, strategies and programs to build confidence and find happiness.


This is Matty John, a professional photographer who captured amazing images of his hometown in Newcastle. His story hit the front page of the Newspaper and went viral across the internet. Why - because his message was so strong, stronger than the pain he felt when he lost his mum, and when his best friend took his own life 12 months ago, the loss became a driving force to make a difference to the lives of those he cares about and the people they care about too. Listen to this amazing story, and be inspired to be the person that makes a difference. Be Kind, Always. Follow Matty on Instagram @_bebetterthanyesterday_