Today is Launch Day - for the Women Behind the Brand Podcast.  It also just happens to be our host's birthday.


You could not get a more iconic brand than Intimo, and in this series, Bra Fitting Specialist and Executive Director Philippa Aslanis shares the stories of the 'women behind the brand'.

Each guest is an Intimo business owner who joined a supportive community for their own reason.  They work their own hours and have been doing the 'remote' business practices that Covid has imposed on everyone, for years.

You'll come to hear the challenges, big wins and the stuff you can't google.  There is fun, laughter and a few tears as they share how becoming a bra fitting specialist and business owner has helped them help women to find the comfort of an everyday item and the confidence in their body to do and be, whatever and whereever they are. 

You can following Phily on @philippa.aslanis on instagram

You'll find more episodes at LifeStyleCollective on

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