There are no limits to what you can do with your life.

Meet Nadeane Rees, a qualified social worker who worked in her field for 10 years and then decided to become a bra fit specialist having never had a bra fitting!

12 years in the business and counting, she has achieved milestones in the last 12 months she never thought possible. 

Nadeane has been a trial blazers in developing her skills as a business owner and now supports other women in their business. 

She brings to the conversation a sense of pride in being able to contribute to her family, the benefits of a supportive workplace and her gratitude for the connection and support of host, Philippa Aslanis. 

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Your host Phily is a bra fitting specialist and executive director who has excelled in her business with a focus on supporting women build their confidence and helping them feel comfortable in more than just the daily basics of what's under their clothes. 

Philly’s take on life is driven by just how much she enjoys what she does.

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