You've met Emma Watts, owner of The Daisie Chain and entertainer to our most valued and vulnerable population.  In this episode, Emma explains how her specialised training and skills transform the common room of aged care and disability facilities into the move busting disco theatre that engages her audience.

'They are human, with feelings. They get forgotten about'.

Emma shares her passion for physical health and the benefits of staying active. Encouraging her residents to keeping moving what they can. 

She shares the stories and wisdom of our oldest generations and advocates for respect and autonomy at whatever age.   

This podcast is great for aged care lifestyle co-ordinators, disability leisure coaches and those families looking for entertainment and exercise in home services. Emma offers online tutorials and video's with her moves for all program. 

For more information visit The Daisie Chain


Host. Emma Watts

Producer. Pip Rae/ShirePOD

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