From Medical Labs to Motherhood!

In this episode our host of The Curious Lawyer shares her very personal journey with planning for single parenthood.   

On the 21 August 2021, Nicole became a mum to baby Henry. 


With the hopes and dreams of becoming a mother slowly fading as she reached her late 30's, Nicole took steps to freeze her eggs. Despite her scientific and legal studies around IVF,  her belief in family and parenting were challenged when faced with the reality of her situation. 

Nicole shares her deep understanding of her work in IVF labs, the legalities and protection afforded to children of donor sperm and an insight into the considerations not presented to traditional family units. 

We are so proud of her bravery and confident of the love and support baby Henry will receive.  Stick around til the end where you hear from her biggest supporters - including me! 

Congratulations Nicole - welcome to the club you always wanted to be a part of.  The Motherhood. 

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