In this series, Nicky shares her valuable insight and experiences about Women in Boating. With a personal goal to engage more women in the industry and supporting employment, sport and leisure pathways, in this first episode you'll get to know and love the Boat Princess as we do. 

We are excited to welcome Nicky Vaux to the ShirePOD platform.  Introducing Nicky might take a while to scan through her many achievement, accolades and acknowlegements.  

You can follow Nicky and live vicariously through her instagram 


Nicky is the owner of the Empire Bobbin Head Marina nestled inside the National Park. 

She is a boat owner, board member of the MIA and advocate for women in boating.  

Incredible guests.  Amazing Interviews and Loads of Inspiration for Women who have never thought of a lifestyle or livelihood on on or around the waters edge.


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