This is the first of a three part series with First Moon Circle creator Charlotte Pointeaux.  Charlotte shares her story and how she came to create the program for young girls after her move to Australia.  With formal training in education, Charlotte has gone onto develop the facilitator training program for youth mentors, like Nicole, who runs the First Moon Circle under the brand of Inside Out Yoga.  

Charlotte has created a World Wide Network for people looking for First Moon Circle facilitators who are helping young girls understand the right of passage and empowering education.

"We can use the intelligence of the cycle and the seasons to wake up, to become conscious and grow more empowered." - Nicole Dargie

Nicole runs the First Moon Circle programs on the New Moon and you can book in for the general admission or you can organise your own group for a birthday or if you are marking a special occasion. 

Learn how to become winning as a mum. 

Nicole also runs the Moon Circle for mothers and daughters.

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To become a facilitator  head to First Moon Circles Facilitator 

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