Tuesday Feb 2, 2021.

Wanda Surf Club 7.30am 

Brought to you by ShirePOD, the community podcast platform creating sound waves in The Shire.

Supporting SurFebruary 2021, raising awareness about Cancer and money for the Chris Obrien Life House, with interviews  Cronulla local Jenna Clarke, survivor, mum and community leader supporting others faced with the challenges of a cancer diagnosis. 

Catch A Wave Every Day - Surfers and Swimmers.

Proudly sponsored by The To Day List Tribe. A s 7 Day challenge taking you from chaos to calm with 7 simple activities. 

See @shirepod on Instagram for a summary with images. 

Thank you to our Lifesavers.

Thank you to the supporters of our podcast community.

Thank you to our followers.

Thank you to Jenna and her team at Surfebruary 

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