Introducing an extraordinary women's executive role model - Sue Cudmore, an experienced Executive and Board Director and successful Entrepreneur.

You will learn more about Sue's career progression from nurse to entrepreneur, and the walk-up to corporate as the Alliance (ACIA) General Manager of Recruitment Solutions Group Australia and Board Director of The Australian Community Industry. She shares her lifelong mantra "Change is the only constant" and how this has served her professional and personal lives.

Sue talks more on the growth mindset, strategic thinking and the power of flow you can harness when combined with your intuition i.e. your internal guidance system. We reflect, review and consider how to do business in this new world with COVID-19 with a focus on the health industry.

We define personal narratives and the gift we have all been given to pause and truly see what is important to keep in our lives and discard what is stagnant and sabotaging the flow.

The highlight of the podcast is Sue revealing her 'Personal Toolkit' of things that she feels are important to adapt to change and be the best leader.  These include:

  • have an inquiring mind and self-belief;
  • having motivation and desire; and
  • critical thinking to analyse experiences for what you can learn from them.

We seal the podcast with accepting the natural process of evolution that opens the pathway for resolution. Therein lies the concept of legacy, and with this at the forefront of your mind you will be focused to live your best life now.

We hope you are inspired by Sue's experience of life and learn more about harnessing your human potential. Stay light!

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