It's been 1 year to the day.  It's taken me 52 weeks to reinstate the elements of empowerment into my daily life.

Having done the work previously, I gathered the shattered shards of my confidence and put them back together like a puzzle, one day at a time. Along the way I created 52 episodes of  insightful and inspirational conversations with the incredible people who have become the fibres in my fabric of truth.  Friends, mentors, practitioners and coaches, who from their own experiences, help those who want to be helped.

Like you, I have come to accept that 'life challenges' strike at any time. Some you see coming, others side swipe you from out of the blue, calling on every fibre in your being to weather the storm.  

What I learnt was how to shut out the world's mess, control what I can and be who I need to be, for myself and as a consequence have the capacity to be that someone for others. 

Empowerment is a switch only you have. So I hope this podcast enables you and provides the time and space to reduce the overwhelm.

The Elements of Empowerment is a series of interviews and research into the personal characteristics we value in others and the virtues admired by most.

Confidence, Optimism, Respect, Trust, Forgiveness, Self Belief, Strength and Gratitude are just some of the 52 elements of empowerment that have been packaged up for you to reflect upon, remind yourself and recognise your own self worth.  

This biggest killer of dreams is doubt and all you need is one person to believe in you.  So I am here.  I am that person.  You are not your past, your mistakes or poor choices.  You have capacity and potential.   So let's find out what that looks like.

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