This is not your average podcast about Confidence.  

Journalist, Radio Presenter, Social Justice Advocate and podcast host, Pip Rae dives deep in to the matrix of human values, speaking with special guests about their journey from being confident to insecure and back.

Karamea suffered the debilitating effects of Facial Palsy that stole her trademark smile and Stephanie was the victim of insidious attacks in her relationships that saw her confidence  slowly erode.  Both of these women are raw and real, sharing their own personal strategies that helped them cope during some of their darkest days.

Pip shares her own experiences on the ebs and flows of rebuilding her confidence after an identity crisis and a recent journey to find herself again following a jealous personal attack by another woman in the workplace.   Pip provides the strategies and wisdom from her mentors that includes self awareness and a Time Line challenge that will help your confidence skyrocket.

She challenges the beliefs around rejection, discusses the types of communication that impact on confidence levels and our general ability to cope with disappoint.  This episode comes packed with insights, giveaways and special bonus'.

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Listen to the confidence building meditation by Nicole Dargie from the Empowerment Project Podcast.

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