Episode 2

Today we share Sels’ story, we learn about the incredible friend, sibling, child, fiance and artist that she is and how a cancer diagnosis at just 34 years old can drastically change your life. Sel spent years working to support terminally and chronically and writing cancer reports in hospitals,  never imagining that she would one day find herself in a similar situation.

The key takeaways from this raw and vulnerable conversation is questioning what really matters in life?

Who should you really be investing your time and energy into in your own life? 

Listeners, we invite you to stop and think about where you might be holding back in your own life, what are you compromising on?

When we realise that the most valuable commodity in life is time, what do you really want to be doing with it? 

To check out Sels’ inspired and incredible artworks you can find them at selbam.hart on instagram! 

To learn more about Beyond the Clouds and how we aim to support terminally and chronically ill and their loved ones, or express your interest in sharing your story on the podcast.

Please check out our website: www.beyondthecloudsonline.com or our

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Producer Katie Dalmas/ShirePOD

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