In this mornings Live Podcast we speak with Training Education and Employment Manager Karen, from Project Youth who's programs Cafe Y and Label Y offer opportunities for young people to be supported in times of crisis, family violence, mental health or homelessness.  This episode is dedicated to our future generations.

Project Youth offers housing support, education and training as well as employment placement opportunities for young people aged between 12-24.

The news, entertainment, weather are featured in the first 7 minutes that share insights about the impact of the changes to the Child Cafe Subsidy.  Jacinta shares her mum's story of Sarcoma, as it is Sarcoma awareness month and Sports Reporter Dylan Hamer brings you an interview with local Menai Flames Netballer, Ruby and Maddie at 8m 50 seconds.

We chat with Annette Testa,  from Portico Services who works with youth housing from 12 minutes

We speak to Nicole Dargie, a teen empowerment coach, at 16 minutes which merges into a very meaningful conversation between the two of them.

Karen joins us at 24 minutes and during this conversation we also talk to Justin, a youth worker and hear Natasha's story.  She is a client of Project Youth who has gone on to carve out a hospitality career because of the commitment of Project Youth following displacement from her home at the age of 16. 

Karen shares the success and challenges of Cafe Y and Label Y and how you can support the Project Youth Initiatives. 

Sarah Jo from So Shire stopped by to tell us about the Green Caffeen initiative and other ideas for recycling and sustainabilit as well as events that are  coming up as we head into Summer.   July is Plastic Free so we are all doing our best. She has some handy hints and examples for the Project Youth Sustainable garden that will supply Cafe Y.

Shire Foodies dropped in as well as the many listeners who had great questions for our guests.

Finally Nicole told us about her experience with the ShirePOD masterclass and her successful launch of The Empowerment Project Podcast as well as sharing who her next interview is with. 

Thanks again to the community for their support in our live broadcast.  We found so many community connections including The Dandelion Support Network, Cubbyhouse Early Childhood Centre, Club Menai and The Mens Shed.

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