All About AVO’s

In this six part series, All About AVO's you'll hear from victims, perpetrators, counsellors, lawyers, ex prosecutors and experts in the DV space trying to support women, men and protect children. 


In this episode you'll hear from Rachel Natoli, who is a survivor and has gone on to create the Lokahi Foundation. 

Through her charity she supports women and children who are or have been the victims of domestic violence or family abuse. She  provides them with solutions tailored to their situation and in this conversation shares her harrowing experience of intimate partner violence, manipulation, coercive control and reveal how she 'managed' the situation.

You'll also hear from Rachel Hamlen, who experienced financial abuse from her partner.  Rachel has come out the other side and is now an advocate for financial literacy and women's empowerment.  Rachel's experience is a form of violence that is hard to detect because of the obligations and expectations of a marriage or partnership.   Things need to change.

If this has brought up any issues for you, please reach out for support, we have services and are here to listen and help. 


Presenter: Pip Rae

Advocate for women, men and children experiencing domestic violence.

Media and Interview, Investigative journalist. 

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